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    Forging your career

    Foot In The Door, 24:7 Theatre Arts Network and PANDA have collaborated to offer a 5 day intensive workshop on finding employment with particular reference to the creative industries. The course will run in Central Manchester from Tuesday 29th March – Saturday 2nd April 2016 Weekdays 11am – 4.30pm and Saturday from 9am – 3pm... View Article
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    Martin Goes on NEW adventures

    Hi everyone, Martin here! I’m writing to let you all know some very exciting news! I will be going on another adventure to Manchester Museum this October!!! Im so very excited to go and explore the Living World’s and Nature Discovery exhibitions again because I had so much fun with you all last time. So... View Article
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    Luke’s final FITD blog

    Read more about Luke’s FITD experience with Dreamscope TV here
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    Shaun: The tricks of the trade.

    The Foot in the Door process started with a bunch of young people sitting in a room in Withington, silently waiting to see what would happen, no one saying a word. Flash forward six days later and you couldn’t get them to be quiet! We walked through Piccadilly Gardens envisioning a major goal of our... View Article
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    Judith: What I have learnt from being a ‘Footie’

    Probably the area in which my knowledge has increased the most as a result of being part of the Foot In the Door programme is that of the Manchester theatre scene. Living in Liverpool, and rarely visiting, I had no idea how much was on offer both in large well-known theatres and in the fringe.... View Article
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    Shaun: Putting on a show and taking it on tour

    We are the Multitude smashed the 24:7 Big Festival Weekend and then went on tour to Liverpool’s Lantern Theatre! I’ve never helped a show go on tour before and therefore didn’t know what exactly to expect. Just the weekend before the show had seen four wonderful performances playing to great crowds and to great acclaim... View Article
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    Judith: Workshops

    As part of the Foot In the Door scheme, we have had the opportunity to attend some great workshops on all sorts of different aspects of working within theatre, and the arts in general. For me a personal favourite was a talk by Sharon Stoneham on stage management, an area that I am particularly keen... View Article
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    Luke’s experience on filming and editing with Dreamscopes TV

    Find Luke’s blog here:
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    Judith: ‘Uprising’ and working in a rehearsal room

    Over the past year I have been very lucky in getting placements on all sorts of different productions. But whilst I may have sat through tech and dress rehearsals and actual runs, I had not yet been able to see a professional production at its very start in the rehearsal room. That was until I... View Article
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    Jenny – Looking Back

    What a weekend! “The Butterfly’s Adventure” went down a treat. It was great to see so many people engaging with Martin and the other characters; even those who didn’t sign up tagged along with the promenade, and were more than welcome! As expected, there were a few site-specific staging challenges on the day, but nothing... View Article
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    It was the moment we’d all been waiting for, the moment we’d all been anticipating, the long awaited 24:7 Big Weekend was finally here. Walking into the Martin Harris Centre on Friday morning I almost immediately felt a new ‘buzz’. A buzz of excitement at what was to come, a buzz of creativity as everyone... View Article
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    Paul – Final Blog

    Last weekend brought the end of the 24:7 festival to a close, I managed to find time to pop down and watch ‘Gary: A Love Story’, which was well worth the wait as it proved to be a finely written, produced and well acted piece of Theatre in the wonderful Martin Harris theatre space, being... View Article
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    24:7 gave me my first experience of stage managing, and also my first involvement in a promenade production. I have a new awareness of the significance of space in a performance after this weekend: the Brief Encounters took place around a square on campus, each monologue performed in an evocative or appropriate area for its... View Article
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    In May, I began my FITD traineeship. I was assigned the outdoor monologues project to work on, which was really exciting for a lot of reasons: the kind of performance I am interested in most does tend to be small short pieces like these five minute monologues; it was outside (how you make a set... View Article
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    Space – A blog

    When it comes to putting a performance together one major factor is the space that it will be performed in. This can affect everything from costume, to staging, to how a line is delivered and how you can get on and off, every tiny decision – It’s a sweet madness trying to figure it all... View Article
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    The Foot In The Door training fortnight was a wonderful experience: for the first couple of days, meeting in the fire station in Withington, it felt like an unusual thing to be doing, to come in the morning, sit round together and check in – to tell each other how we were all feeling, and... View Article
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    Tabitha Blog Three – The Festival Weekend.

    I was very excited to see the plays that the other Foot In The Door interns have been involved in. On the Sunday, I went to see ‘Distant Sounds’ (Written by Joyce Branagh and Tasnim Hussein), Gary: A Love Story (Written by James Harker) and We Are The Multitude (Written by Laura Harper). All three... View Article
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    Tabitha Blog Two – Play day with Colour The Clouds

    The one thing that I am finding the most beneficial whilst on this placement is that I am getting to experience every aspect of running a theatre company. I specifically wanted to learn about the less creative side. Especially filling in an Grants for the Arts application as it is an aspect I found very... View Article
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    The Big Weekend – A blog

    The 24:7 Theatre Weekend was a place of creativity and fun, offering a chance for all the productions to show their hard work to each other and festival goers a like. As a member of one of the shows we started a day early with a technical rehearsal and had the chance to see the... View Article
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    Naomi – Rehearsals for Gary

    As the rehearsal period draws to a close, we say goodbye to our little purple rehearsal room in Salford where we have spent 8 hours a day for the last 2 weeks. I can’t help thinking about the first day, the nervous excitement which we all had and the ridiculous time we spent getting lost... View Article
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    Introducing: Joyce Branagh – writer (Distant Sounds)

    Joyce is a Writer, Director, and Actress living and working in the North West.  She has directed 3 plays, and written 2 plays for 24:7 Theatre Festival – Sheepish (2010) and Peggy and the Spaceman (2011).  Her other work includes: For The Record (3 month rural tour with Forest Forge Theatre Co);  Dick Whittington and... View Article
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    Catching Up

    It’s two months since I started my internship with Scallywags theatre company, and it feels a lot longer… in a good way! My creative ideas have been encouraged and welcomed by the company, which has been great for me (and hopefully for them too!). I’ve learned and achieved a lot from being in the production... View Article
  • Danielle

    Interview with ‘Gary’ Director Danielle McIlven

    As opening night nears, director Danielle McIlven and writer James Harker look forward to seeing their creation in front of an audience. DANIELLE MCILVEN (DIRECTOR): So, James. Today is the dress rehearsal and then you open on Tonight. Could you talk about how you as the writer feel at this stage? JAMES HARKER (WRITER): Excited, scared... View Article
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    Chloe: We’re Going On A Prop Hunt

    When I accepted the task of finding props for Team Gary, I foolishly assumed it would be the ordinary, run of the mill stuff. You know, the usuals – a chair, a table, a pint glass. However as the props list began to grow I had a realization – I had almost certainly been mistaken.... View Article
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    Amy: Chicken Sandwich

    The first slice of our theatrical sandwich is buttered and ready to be filled – sorry, I’m really hungry! What I mean to say is that up until now, our rehearsals have involved exploring the first half of the play and now we’re getting to the meaty middle – sorry! Hunger pangs again… Before we... View Article
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    Amy: Getting The Ball Rolling

    Ruddy hell are you still there? Bet you thought I’d forgotten about you! No such luck I’m afraid; I’ve just had my head snugly inserted up my – I mean, deeply immersed in rehearsals. Now I know you’ve all been on tender hooks awaiting updates on the Foursquare tournament, but it’s been a rather traumatic... View Article
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    Introducing: Richard Scott, musician – Distant Sounds

    Richard Scott is a prolific free improvising musician and electroacoustic composer and living in Berlin working with electronics including modular synthesizers and controllers such as the Buchla Thunder and Lightning and his own self-designed WiGi infra red controller developed at STEIM. He studied free improvisation in the 80s with John Stevens, saxophone with Elton Dean... View Article
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    Introducing: Tasnim Hossain – Writer (Distant Sounds)

    Tasnim Hossain is a playwright and performance poet. Her work has been staged by the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) and Apocalypse Theatre Company, and published by Currency Press. Her first solo show was developed through Playwriting Australia’s Lotus Program for Asian-Australian Writers and premiered at Perth’s Fringe World, with a second season at... View Article
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    Shaun – Blog One

    We are just over a week away from the 24:7 Weekend! We are the Multitude is in intense rehearsal mode with Amy Drake and Andrew Blake exploring their new alter egos Lisa and Simon with Liz Stevenson (director) and Flora Anderson (assistant director) guiding them on their way. The story of two cubicle buddies (office... View Article
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    10 days to go…

    … and a month already since our great Media Launch at the Comedy Store, Manchester. Whilst we prepare for the Big Festival Weekend – why not check out our photos from the Launch HERE
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    Amy – Foursquare

    It’s the final countdown! Well Europe only had it half-right; although it’s technically the final countdown (as in a mere couple of weeks the 24:7 Big Weekend kicks off), it’s actually only Team Multitude’s first steps trotting into full rehearsals. We’ve been conducting a sultry and coy courtship – tentatively meeting to read through various... View Article
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    Paul – Site Specific Piece/Audition Room

    The following two weeks were very busy weeks for my placement. First off Box of Tricks was performing an installation piece, in Salford Lads Club, situated near the original Coronation Street. The piece was about true events that had happened to people that used to attend the club, as a local historian and freelance writer... View Article
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    Wednesday 1st July – Holley’s Rehearsal Blog

    Today was my turn to lead the rehearsals as stage manager and stepping in as assistant director! This was nerve racking at first, but those jitters soon turned into excitement! When it comes to organisation – I love it! (must be the stage manager in me!) so I had organised a very full and creative... View Article
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    Madness Sweet Madness Audition Process – by Matt Fox

    The Madness Sweet Madness audition process was an early indicator of how director Phil Bartlett likes to do things. He decided on a workshop audition that latest about an hour and a half and had approximately ten people. Six times. In two days. Perhaps this is foreshadowing the intensive rehearsal process that is to come... View Article
  • Amy Drake

    Amy – A Caffeine Interlude

    There’s been a bit of a delay in getting this rehearsal blog out into t’interverse, as I’ve had to spend a few days in hospital; I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and for lack of a better phrase I had ‘a bit of a funny turn’, resulting in a few unanticipated days of R&R... View Article
  • 6_Jo_Away

    Not For The Likes Of Us – Jo Kirtley (part of Brief Encounters)

    I wrote It’s Not For The Likes Of Us as I like writing about real women. I don’t believe there’s enough bold female characters (with Northern accents) on stage and I wanted create one that portrayed guts with a bit of glam. Enter Lucy: a seventeen year old who wants the opportunity to be taken... View Article
  • Mari in the window

    Brief Encounters at Manchester 24:7 – A paper to look at the impact of science on humanity

    So! A scientific paper usually begins with an abstract. Right? ABSTRACT: Each monologue will have a maximum performance length of 5 minutes and will be performed a number of times over the Weekend. They will be delivered by the 24:7 Players – a mixed group of actors Followed by the background  BACKGROUND: Manchester 24:7 Big Weekend... View Article
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    A sneak a peak at our 2015 Media Launch
  • Amy Drake

    Amy Returns

    Just when you thought it was safe to return to the theatres… Amy returns to the 24:7 festival for a second helping! Apologies, but that’s that way the cookie crumbles (and falls into my awaiting open mouth). Yes, the grape vine had it right – I’m one lucky lass and have been cast as Lisa... View Article
  • Sue Blundell

    Roget – By Sue Blundell (Part of Brief Encounters)

    I knew Roget only as the author of the Thesaurus. When I read about his life – about his work as a doctor and the lists he made to keep the glooms at bay – I immediately wanted to write about him. What a fascinating man.
  • 15009.7---24-7---2015-IMC---Production-Social-Media-24_7

    Joseph Whitworth – by Alan Cliff (part of Brief Encounters)

    I am not one. But I have had many experiences with engineers. I have worked with them. Argued with them. Fought with them. Got drunk with them. And danced with them. For me, they are a complicated sort, because they are so clear of mind and vision. They have this innate will to make sense... View Article
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    Chloe – The Other Side of the Table

    One of the most intimidating parts of being an actor is auditioning for roles and so it was nice to be on the other side of the table for once and watch other people audition. The casting call for my placement Gary: A Love Story had generated a lot of interest and on the first... View Article
  • 2-2

    The Plant – Interview with the cast

    Our cast, Jonny and Alex, reflect on the second period of rehearsals with Chris J: The first thing that comes to mind is creating the room. We decided quite early on that it is white. Concrete. All six sides. A: Yes, we put features into it. J: Yup, such as cracks in the wall, a... View Article
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    The Plant – First Rehearsal Chunk

    We had our first read through of the script and it was really nice to hear it out loud with the voices of the characters, giving the play a life instead of just reading it off a page. James was interested to hear the interpretation of the actors and how this contrasted with the voices... View Article
  • IMG_1902

    Looking Through John Dalton’s Eyes – by Anne Haydock (part of Brief Encounters)

    24:7 Theatre Festival 2015. Write a 5-minute monologue about a Manchester scientist. Hmmm, that sounds interesting. Now, who can I think of…? Then, walking down Deansgate, I suddenly had an idea… I rushed home to Google John Dalton (1766-1844)…   … and discovered he had only gone and invented atomic theory! Wow! There must be... View Article
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    Paul – Pitching/First week of placement

    The first couple of weeks with the FITD scheme, through the training with PANDA, is a breath of fresh air. You’re not necessarily taught or being thrust information like in school or University, instead you explore yourself internally, essentially what you learn is that all of the answers essentially come from you, this course helps... View Article
  • Christopher Walster Headshot small

    Chris: Auditions for ‘The Plant’

    Such an interesting process being on the other side of the audition panel as I’m normally being the one auditioned. As my director had so much to think about, me being there helped her a lot for being a second pair of eyes and another thought, so therefore it was really good for the decision... View Article
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    Will – 24:7′s Media Launch

    The sun is shining outside and it feels like the hottest day of the year, Ian Townsend, 24:7’s writers liaison tells me that this is not an unfamiliar feeling, as every year they have brilliant weather for the media launch. I don’t know if it’s the sun or the buzz for the event (I’m going... View Article
  • bowman1

    Tabitha: PANDA Training Week (the pitch!)

    Over the course of the week, we started each day off with a check in. This helped us to understand how each member of the group felt in relation to the previous days training and to find out what we had been up to in the time between each session.  This was a simple but... View Article
  • 15009.2_Whats_on_Images_butterfly

    Martin’s First Rehearsal

    They made sure that I had an indoor plant so that I could rest on it and nibble on the leaves when I got hungry.Today was my first rehearsal with Scallywags Theatre Company and they made me feel really welcome.                       We started with a big warm... View Article
  • Christopher Walster Headshot small

    Chris: FITD Presentation at the end of the Training week

    It was a nerving process to get to the presentations as it’s a hard task to talk about yourself in a clear and concise manner. The one area which I struggled with was the amount of time we had each and what to include and what not to include. I decided to just speak from... View Article
  • Christopher Walster Headshot small

    Chris: FITD Workshop – Directing in the Round

    Really insightful and enjoyable workshop to attend. Anyone who can go, DO IT! Found out about the history of the Royal Exchange Building and the Theatre Company which some people may not find relevant, but I think it’s so important to know about how a company have grown and their routes. We explored a number... View Article
  • Jenny Owen FITD Headshot

    Jenny: A (tentative) Foot In The Door

    So, to kick-start, a bit about my run up to this particular Door. I’ve volunteered with 24:7 as a Deputy House Manager for the past two years and have revelled in the live buzz of the festival. It has been a real privilege to support the performances; the programme of work has been diverse, and... View Article
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    Our first FITD 2015 Blog: Luke

    Read all about Luke’s experience with Dreamscopes TV here:
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    Future Creatives Cabaret Night – LINE UP ANNOUNCED

    EXCITING NEWS *drumroll* Lineup for Sunday, 22nd March is confirmed! Join us at the Kings Arms Salford to celebrate our very talented FITD alumni and launch the new season of FITD. After our info session at 5pm, we will be joined by our brilliant FITD artists: Harry Jelley – Poetry Georgie Edwards & Emma Chapman... View Article
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    On 11th March we launched our Crowdfunding Campaign, to secure match funding for our Big Festival Weekend 2015. For more information please visit our HOME page or go directly to our crowd funding page . Thank you for your support!
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    Call for Site Specific Ideas at Manchester Museum 2015!!

    24:7 Theatre Festival and Manchester Museum are working in partnership to develop an interactive theatre production to be part of the Museum’s summer family programme of activities; to bring to life and increase the understanding of the museum’s collections and to inspire audiences’ interest in theatre performance. For more information and to view a video... View Article
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    2015 Foot In The Door Applications now open

    The 2015 application window for our development scheme for young creatives (Foot In The Door) is now open and will close on April 7th. For more information and how to apply please visit our FITD page or contact Annika on annika (at) We will be holding a showcase and information event on Sunday 22nd... View Article
  • Rob Johnston and Emma Gibson

    Rob Johnston and Emma Gibson talk about War Stories @ Re:play

    Emma Gibson (from Canberra, Australia) and Rob Johston (from Altrincham, UK) chatting about writing War Stories and the workshop they’ll be running on Tuesday afternoon, 13 January. CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR THE LINK to the video:
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    24:7 productions have always featured at Re:play

    Apart from “War Stories” and “The Tongue Twister” this year, did you know that 24:7 productions have been invited into every Re:play to date? That’s 22 since 2008. If you were involved in any of them, let everyone know on here. Many company members have won awards and other recognition. Tell us about your successes!... View Article
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    24:7 Festival Call for Scripts 2015!!

    The only limit is your imagination… Yes, we know it’s a bit of a cliché, but this year, more than ever, 24:7 is on the lookout for exciting, challenging and innovative scripts; scripts that really push our writers to explore their imagination to the max, and in doing so keep our audiences – of all... View Article
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    24:7: Strength in numbers: #My247

    The 24:7 Theatre Festival has run successfully for 10 years. How? Because there is strength in numbers. As you know, at 24:7 Towers we do like a play on words and numbers. Our first (and best!) is that 24:7 doesn’t only stand for being busy night and day – although we often are at Festival... View Article
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    The wrap party of the festival was a really lovely event in the 24:7 calendar, and it felt like a combination of the very best elements of both a family reunion , and the last day of school. The glimmering energy and vigour of the festival week proper had matured into true friendships, stonking dancing... View Article
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    Robyn: FESTIVAL

    The festival week started energetically: condensing the 24:7 headquarters office into a taxi-load and settling into our new home onsite at New Century House. One day I was out and about collecting supplies from other venues in the North West which were very kindly lent to the festival, and dropping off tickets and clues for... View Article
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    I’m Robyn, FITD trainee on placement in the 24:7 Festival Office, interning under Annika, David, and Kathryn. A typical day begins at 10am in the office, where we’ll all arrive and get settled with cups of tea kindly made by fellow intern Harry Jelley. I’m currently working on the Herding Cats Convention and 10th Birthday... View Article
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    Tom – Blog 3: Building up to Performance Week

    The weeks leading up to the festival absolutely flew by. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed. Before I knew it we were loading out our vast assortment of PA equipment, guitar amplifiers and drum stands from the car for the tech and dress rehearsal. The week leading up to this had been long... View Article
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    Tom – Blog 2: The Role of the Musical Director

    It’s always a slightly nervous experience stepping into a room full of people you’ve only just met knowing that in three months’ time you’ll all be working together to put on ten brand new plays over a period of seven days, as part of the ten year anniversary of a fantastic theatre festival. When production... View Article
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    TOM Blog 1: Training and Joining Team Vera

    I came on to the Foot In The Door scheme very late in the day, with little knowledge of what I’d signed myself up for. All I knew was that the scheme was meant to help emerging performers and artists make a start in the arts. Considering I was just about to finish my final... View Article
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    Laura – Blog 3.

    For me the most exciting part of the scheme was launch night, showing my work to an invited audience was really rewarding. I had to deliver a speech, I felt however completely different to how I felt whilst delivering the speech in the two week intensive training course. I felt a lot more confident, I... View Article
  • twitterFITD

    Laura – Blog 2.

    The highlight of the scheme for me had to of been the speech during the two week intensive training course. This was an extremely daunting and challenging task, however it has been one of the most valuable things that I have actually ever done. Throughout the two week intensive training course, we were given lots... View Article
  • twitterFITD

    Laura – Blog 1.

    My whole experience on FITD has been extremely valuable and exiting. I have met some lovely people and developed lots of new skills which are proving beneficial already in the start of my job hunt. I joined the scheme to network, build up my confidence and to explore different career paths, I feel that I... View Article
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    Harry’s Blog 3

    The festival is over for the year. We spent the last day of the festival packing up the office at New Century House and moving back into 24:7 Towers on Quay Street. This was my last act as a Footie for 24:7. The festival had a great atmosphere throughout, and being able to be part... View Article
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    I say opening night, but it was in reality opening afternoon – but this did not detract from the excitement felt from the In My Bed team! As we were the first play of the day we had plenty of time for fresh coffee and getting ourselves organized.  The stage was set and our actors... View Article
  • twitterFITD

    Lucie BLOG POST 2 – DESIGN

    I have been fortunate enough to be given a bit of creative responsibility for the show I have been working on – Rebekah Harrison’s ‘In My Bed’. The play is set in the main character’s bedroom and the set needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional ! My writer and director have given... View Article
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    Tonight is the night! Me an the rest of the Footies (Foot In The Door trainees) are getting ready to perform the speeches we have been working on for the last week and a half to an audience of industry professional’s. Safe to say I am terrified. But what is reassuring about this situation, everyone... View Article
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    Harry Blog 2  

    Being in the office during festival week is a bizarre mixture of calm and chaos. There are tickets, some cut/some still regimented on sheets of A4, strewn across a table —someone in this building has left half-way through this job to perform another task but they know exactly how far through it they are and... View Article
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    Emma’s Blog

    Our trainee Emma has worked on Afterglow, and is now currently in Edinburgh with last year’s 24:7 show Billy, the Monster and ME! She has set up her own blog about her experience here:
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    Lowri’s final blog

    I have had an amazing experience through festival week, from seeing almost all ten plays, to running about backstage with the Vera Dymond team. It’s been one hell of a learning curve! I loved the general atmosphere around New Century House and being able to feel the camaraderie between all the individual shows. We all... View Article
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    24:7 10 Years on

    This year was an especially exciting year as the festival celebrated its 10th year and Saturday saw the a whole host of new and familiar faces come together for its 10th Birthday Party at New Century House, the venue for all this years shows and events.  For me the party was a great chance to... View Article
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    My week filming 24:7 Theatre Festival

    What a fantastic week it has been filming this years 24:7 Theatre Festival. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with the brilliant Darren Hutchinson (Dreamscope TV); I also had the opportunity to see all 10 different plays, rehearsed readings of works in progress, fantastic one off events and an excellent poetry/rap/spoken word/... View Article
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    Georgie S final Blog

    My favourite part of watching the play I have been working on, Pass, come to life during festival week has been the audiences reactions. Every time I have sat in on the show, a dramatic changing point in the story always leads to gasps, murmurs and whispers. This point always reminds me how lovely it... View Article
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    Mella’s Final Blog

    The last couple of weeks at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre have been extremely exciting (and a little hectic) as it has been exhibition changeover time! We said goodbye to Elizabeth Winstanley’s beautiful tactile embroidery work and catalogued, condition checked and packed away all 61 pieces. I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to... View Article
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    Georgie E. final Blog

    I have had a great time during festival week and gained such valuable experience. I was able to see all ten plays! 24:7 Theatre Festival is a fantastic experience for anybody starting off in the arts. I know of people that have gained placements and potential jobs just by showcasing their work here! I have... View Article
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    The Media launch ‘n’ Stuff

    So today was the big day for all of the shows on the festival. Today was the day that all of the promotional trailers were rolled out on the red carpet. It was a gloriously sunny day and with that came a great atmosphere in the foyer of Manchester comedy club. The hustle and bustle... View Article
  • FourGraces2

    The Four Graces

    Hello! This is your captain speaking. If you’ll indulge me a little, I’d like to tell you a few stories. Number One is entitled “Annika Edge”. Annika first contacted us via email at the end 2008. She wanted to work as an intern at the Festival to gain experience. Sure. OK. She was studying in... View Article
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    Casting “Stuff” in detail

    So I am currently sat here staring at my computer screen trying to figure out how I should describe the three days of casting for this well thought out play. Firstly I must state that having over 280 applicants for a three person fringe show is without a doubt impressive and the final selections far... View Article
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    Harry Jelley’s Blog 1

    We’re now just 10 days from 24:7 Theatre Festival. To think that a few of months ago I had just come to Manchester to begin training with Proper Job and 24:7 seems strange considering the amount that I’ve got to know the city and how much I’ve done and learnt with 24:7.On my first day... View Article
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    Mella’s Blog II

    I have now been working at the centre for a couple of weeks and have helped out with many aspects of Kaylee’s (the Exhibition and Events Officer) day to day life, from attending the Northern Quarter Small Business Forum, updating the mailing list and writing exhibition catalogues. It’s been great to experience a curator’s job... View Article
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    Lowri’s Second Blog

    The Lives and Loves of Vera Dymond has been galloping apace since my last entry. We have a wonderful, intuitive cast that have got stuck in to the challenging areas of the performance. I’m having a blast scouring the shops for props and costume. It feels great to be working with a production team that... View Article
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    Georgie E’s Experience So Far

    Following a brilliant two weeks of training with Proper Job Theatre, I was told I was going to be part of the family friendly show; The Tongue Twister! After reading the script I was so eager to get going on this show. It’s full of rules, rumours and rhymes! With a lot of lollies and... View Article
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    What Monica got up to this June

    You know that feeling when you spend ages planning something in detail, that you’ve spent so long planning it, that actually doing it seems so far away? My planning became a definite reality this month and the journey has been epic! Things have been incredibly busy, but i’ve been enjoying every minute of it. For... View Article
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    24:7 TREASURE HUNT #247treasure

    Ten days to go to the ten year anniversary 24:7 Theatre Festival can mean only one thing, a treasure hunt! To mark the ten day countdown until the first of our brilliant productions officially opens the festival, we will be inviting you to don your best detective costume, grab your smart phone and sleuth around... View Article
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    Sam – Reflection (so far)

    It may seem odd to be reflecting on my experiences so early, especially when the festival doesn’t even start for another month. However when I look back over what has happened so far I cannot help but write about it. The first thing, that may also seem, odd, is that I have managed to see... View Article
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    Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about the extremely vague title of this blog entry. Firstly, what is “Stuff”? Well apart from it being a word used for a general amount of uncertain things in life or in this instance another way of saying seaman. “Stuff” is a brand new play written by... View Article
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    24:7 Media Launch at The Comedy Store Manchester

    The 11th June saw the eagerly anticipated Media Launch at The Comedy Store Manchester. As the festivals Videographer I was lucky enough to have fantastic view from the back, along with lovely photographers from Act 111, and set to record the evening of live and filmed trailers from the ten plays to be shown at this... View Article
  • yah

    Emma Gibson’s update from down-under

    Partner in crime Rob and I have now turned in the first working draft of for the You Are Here/ 24:7 collaboration. Our brief was to write a piece exploring the experiences of Australia and Great Britain in the First World War. While it’s often thought of as a European event, the war had a... View Article
  • yah

    War Stories : You Are Here Meets 24:7

    Exciting international writing project brings us stories of war! Emma Gibson in Australia and Rob Johnston in UK have been working together over the past few weeks to create a new piece of theatre for this year’s 24:7. ‘War Stories’ takes as its theme the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War 1, and... View Article
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    Georgie S – The beginning of the Process

    And the process has begun! The countdown to the festival is underway, and time seems to be flying by. Here are my two major highlights from the past few weeks. Casting was incredibly exciting. It’s something I have done at University before, but was great to see done in a more professional setting. It was... View Article
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    Share the 24:7 Love – #247tenyearson

    Off to a 24:7 rehearsal? Going to view some new theatre in Manchester? Or off to catch some sun on a jolly holiday? We’ve got just the thing for you. To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we’ve created a lovely set of signs for you to bring…well – wherever you like! So pick your favourite, take... View Article
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    To Russia with a Hawaiian Shirt – David is a #247erAbroad

    Our illustrious leader David Slack, now with TWO fully working knees, is off to Russia this weekend (Fri 20th – Mon 23rd June), to take part in the Calvert Forum in Voronezh. The Calvert Forum “undertakes research and organises events designed to understand and address the challenges of developing a thriving creative economy.” The event... View Article
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    Herding Cats – Market Place

    24:7 Theatre Festival celebrates its 10th birthday by launching its first Convention event: ‘Herding Cats’. Lots of fun sessions throughout the day, including an opportunity for theatre craftspeople and makers to showcase portfolios, stimulate contacts and launch freelance careers in a marketplace- style exhibition. Examples of previous projects and commissioned work will accompany digital content,... View Article
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    Sam – The start of a new project

    To say I was tentative about my first day at the Foot in the Door scheme would be a massive, potentially world-ending understatement.I suppose you might class me as an introvert. Certainly my biggest obstacle that plagues my life is apathy as I know that within myself I have the ability and the drive to... View Article
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    Lowri gets two Feet In The Door

    After performing in last years 24:7, it has been an exciting opportunity for me to learn how the side works when developing a show. I feel very lucky to be working on two of the productions in such vastly different contexts. For my first placement, with Mari Lloyd’s Three Women, I have been given the task... View Article
  • yah

    24:7 & You Are Here collaboration project 2014

    A unique collaboration between two writers on opposite sides of the world. Taking as their theme the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War 1, two writers, one from Australia and one from the UK, are working together via Skype, email etc to produce a new 45 minute piece, exploring the different sides of... View Article
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    Mella’s Blog 1

    After finishing the FITD training scheme I was lucky enough to be offered a bespoke placement with PANDA, and was thrilled to discover I was going to be placed with the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. Since living in Manchester I have always loved visiting the centre, it is inspirational to see age old techniques... View Article
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    Foot In The Door 2014 – Katie’s “first steps”

    After an amazing initial two weeks training with Proper Job Theatre it was exciting and also nerve racking to receive a placement with the play, Box of Tricks. It was wonderful to meet one of the playwrights on Saturday at the producers day and to also have the opportunity to meet the other writers. I... View Article
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    Foot In The Door 2014 – Checking In

    Every day of the last two weeks on FITD, training has begun with Check In. Check In is an opportunity to tell the rest of the group how you are feeling. As not to break what has become a kind of tradition, I would love to check in for you now. I am feeling excited,... View Article
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    Foot In The Door 2014 – Kicking off

    21 participants set out to have a two week training session with Proper Job Theatre company with the prospect of receiving a placement in either the 24:7 Theatre Festival or Panda. I came onto the scheme extremely late, as luckily some places became available last minute. I applied and was interviewed over the phone just... View Article
  • 4 exciting workshops at 24:7HQ next Tuesday, 13th May!

    Find out more about what is going on behind the scenes – for a £5 each. 4 exciting workshops lead by experts in their fields. Producing with Laura Lindsay and Brian Hook 10am-1pm Script writing with Conor McKee 10am-1pm Directing with Noreen Kershaw 2-5pm Sound & Set Design with Owen Rafferty &... View Article
  • yah

    Closing Day /You Are Here Festival

    Final Blog Phil Setren’s play PRETEXT was in the 24 7 Festival 2013 in an evening of script in hand readings at the Portico Library.  The event was curated as an exchange programme  with an Australian writer from the You Are Here Festival in Canberra. 24 7 gave Phil support towards finding the grant to... View Article
  • yah

    Blog 6 The Canberra Gigolo

    Phil Setren's play 'Pretext' from 24:7 Festival 2013 is playing at the You Are Here Festival in Canberra, Australia. This blog are some daily observations from a Festival similar to 24:7 in another part of the world.
  • yah

    Blog 5 The Dark Side

    Ever wonder how on earth a Festival can get the late night audiences on a monday and a tuesday evening?  Look no further. as it seems You Are Here and Australia have the answer. Yes, the old ‘sex sells’ adage came out in full force Monday evening with a show called ‘Glittoris.’  It came with... View Article
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    Blog 4 the Play opens Today !!!

    24:7 writer Phil Setren’s play PRETEXT is playing at the You Are Here Festival in Canberra, Australia as part of an exchange programme between the Festivals. This is a blog with some observations from his first experiences of the Australian Theatre. It’s today.  My director is Canberra based, and we meet at his house to... View Article
  • yah

    Opening day of the You Are Here Festival

    Opening day of the You Are Here Festival, with a poetry reading to violin music By Perth artist Maitland Schnaars accompanied by Emma Kelly.  The event is set in a stuningly green courtyard with a bar in a  3 venue complex called Gorman Arts Centre.  He opens the poetry set with a tribute to his... View Article
  • yah

    Blog 2- From the You Are Here Festival, Canberra Australia.

    Phil Setren’s play Pretext from 24 7 Festival 2013 opens at the You Are Here Festival on sunday in Canberra.  Here are some reflections from a 24 7 writer at the Australian Festival. The first meeting with the director of one of my plays is always a harrowing experience.  I have learned to be very... View Article
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    First Blog From Canberra – You Are Here Festival

    Phil Setren”s play Pretext from last year’s 24/7 is opening in Canberra at the You Are Here Festival on Sunday.  Here’s some direct reflections from a 24 7 er at a Festival similar to ours in Australia. Direct from the airport, I taxi to meet the organizers of the You Are Here Festival at Smith’s... View Article
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    Reading Process: The 2nd Stage

    So the reading process moves to the second stage, and two adjudicators, neither of whom will have read the play     before, read the entire script and offer written feedback. Our adjudicators are a dedicated bunch, made up of writers, directors, actors and other theatre professionals all with loads of experience of fringe theatre,... View Article
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    Part of the 24:7 family? Come celebrate with us in July!

    Have you participated in any Festival since 2004? Then we want to hear from you! Whether you were part of a production team, worked front of house or back of house, made it work technically or in any other way, email us to be included in the list of Honourable Contributors in the Festival programme... View Article
  • panda

    Call for applications to ‘Foot In The Door’

    A PANDA led training scheme in partnership with 24:7 Theatre Festival & Proper Job Theatre Are you? ▪ Aged 18 to 25 years old? ▪ Currently unemployed, studying, volunteering or not working Full time? ▪ Interested in working in the arts, cultural and creative industries e.g. theatre, dance, art, film and design? ▪ Want to undertake some... View Article

    Although it’s been in our plans for a while, we are sorry to have to announce that 24:7 won’t be presenting a devised project as part of the July Festival this year. Our people and financial resources are stretched and we’re having to let something go. It’s unfortunate, but necessary at this time. We wish... View Article
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    24:7 Reading Process – The Story So Far…

    Monday 13th January 2014 Today is the closing date for submissions for this year’s 24:7 Theatre Festival. The deadline is midnight and, because writers love a good deadline, there is a flurry of last minute submissions, including one at 11.59. Well done, that person, you made it. Just.   Thursday 16th January Submissions are counted,... View Article
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    Christmas Do, Writers LUNCH AND TEA

    Hello writers, we hope you’re well. In case you haven’t heard yet, the 24:7 Christmas Scratch Night is on Wednesday 11th December. At this we will perform up to 12 short pieces written by writers at the next Writers’ Lunch or Tea. These will take place on Tuesday 10th December, 12.30 – 2pm or 6... View Article
  • Call for Scripts for 2014 Festival – Event at Sale Waterside

    It’s that time of the year again, time to finish those scripts waiting in your desk and send them to us! We will soon be opening the script submission window for our 2014 Festival. Thursday, 7th November, 7pm - Join us to hear details of the Call for Scripts and the improvements we are making... View Article
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    Writers’ Working Lunch #2

    After the great success of our first Writers’ Working Lunch in October, we have decided to host a second one in November! Dear Writers! We know how lonely writing can be, so we would like to invite you to an informal writers’ working lunch at the 24:7 Headquarters, Wednesday 13th of November – hosted by... View Article
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    Monkeywood’s new play: FLESH

    MONKEYWOOD THEATRE IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATRE FLESH by Sarah McDonald Hughes Directed by Martin Gibbons Designed by Lois Maskell The Studio, Royal Exchange Theatre St Ann’s Square, Manchester Wednesday 6 – Saturday 9 November 2013 FLESH is a brand new play by Sarah McDonald Hughes based on the real experiences of young... View Article
  • What’s On at 24:7 Sunday 21st July

    Download the full listings for 24:7 Sunday 21st July here or read below! Please note all performances of ‘Manchester’s Burning’  have been CANCELLED as a mark of respect to fire fighter Steven Hunt who died tackling a fire in Manchester City Centre on Saturday 13th July 2013. Please see our FAQ page for information on refunds or exchanges. What’s... View Article