Harry Jelley’s Blog 1

We’re now just 10 days from 24:7 Theatre Festival. To think that a few of months ago I had just come to Manchester to begin training with Proper Job and 24:7 seems strange considering the amount that I’ve got to know the city and how much I’ve done and learnt with 24:7.On my first day of Proper Job training, walking into a room predominantly consisting of drama students and graduates that were all breathing into ‘where they feel most comfortable’ through me off a little. The same amount comfort at which those educated in drama ritual was dished out to me in awkwardness. It didn’t take long, however, to find that comfort and to work alongside the others on the Foot In The Door scheme in a way that will inform the rest of my development.
One aspect of this which will prove completely invaluable is making good friends with people that share so many of the same values in the arts as myself, especially as we are all at a similar point in our careers. Since finishing the Proper Job training and stepping into Foot In The Door, we have continued that connection and ideas about projects and plans often fly around our conversation.
In 24:7 I’ve found a festival, and arts organisation, that runs on the back of positivity and will. As David, the CEO, enjoys to point out, there’s no-one involved in the festival that doesn’t want to be. Everyone believes in it’s commitment to supporting new writers and arts professionals. I am certainly benefiting from that.It’s been busy (especially when starting two jobs and moving house in the same week!) but informative and for somebody that is still getting to know the extent of The Arts in Manchester it’s invaluable in getting to know the city.
There’s still much more to come.