24:7: Strength in numbers: #My247

The 24:7 Theatre Festival has run successfully for 10 years. How? Because there is strength in numbers.

As you know, at 24:7 Towers we do like a play on words and numbers. Our first (and best!) is that 24:7 doesn’t only stand for being busy night and day – although we often are at Festival time – but it was the date the first 24:7 opened, 24 July 2004. What better name to adopt?

With 247 days to go to our Big Weekend we’re launching #My247 – Sharing with you and your friends 247 reasons to support 24:7. Follow us on twitter, facebook and our blog to see what others have said and why it is crucial to support us now. We also want to hear – because strength is in numbers – why 24:7 is important to you! Tweet us using #My247or email us on 247er(at)247theatrefestival.co.uk to be included!