I say opening night, but it was in reality opening afternoon – but this did not detract from the excitement felt from the In My Bed team!

As we were the first play of the day we had plenty of time for fresh coffee and getting ourselves organized.  The stage was set and our actors were finishing doing vocal warm ups, a friendly steward let us know the audience were ready and waiting. It was time. Off I went to my post behind the flats and the large double doors opened to let the audience in.  Hearing muffled conversations and excited voices I felt as though I could burst with excitement. Then the house lights went down and the fantastic actors I had been working with for the past 2 and bit months went on stage to shine.

An hour went by in a heartbeat and before I could catch my breath I heard the audience burst into applause and I felt such a sense of pride of what we had achieved.  I knew that I was meant to be there in that very moment and this is what I would always want to do.

Lucie – July 2014