Tonight is the night! Me an the rest of the Footies (Foot In The Door trainees) are getting ready to perform the speeches we have been working on for the last week and a half to an audience of industry professional’s.

Safe to say I am terrified. But what is reassuring about this situation, everyone else has the same look of fear in their eyes, EVEN THE ACTORS!

I have absolutely no experience in public speaking and have never particularly wanted this fact to change. But here I am.  As part of the scheme we deliver a speech about ourselves to ‘pitch’ ourselves for an opportunity to obtain a placement with either a writer, PANDA or 24:7 Theatre.

I am sure I must have turned a worrying shade of grey as several people have come up to me and told me ‘everything will be fine Luce – what’s the worst that can happen?’.  The fear is really starting to kick in now! However with all this said we are all eager to get this show on the road and the feeling of camaraderie is electrifying.  We are sat in supportive huddles, downing bottles of rescue remedy and keep on succumbing to fits of giggles.

The door goes and we realize that the time is now! We head to our places and in true Foot In The Door spirit we give it our all.

Lucie – April 2014