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Chris: FITD Presentation at the end of the Training week

It was a nerving process to get to the presentations as it’s a hard task to talk about yourself in a clear and concise manner. The one area which I struggled with was the amount of time we had each and what to include and what not to include. I decided to just speak from the heart and show my passion for the arts and it paid off in the feedback. Pretty much all said they could see my passion which was really nice for me. I did find that the best way to go about it, is try keep it to the minimal time limit you have and leave the industry professionals wanting more. Therefore I talked about certain subject matters in my presentation which I didn’t fully explain, and it made people intrigued to know more and showed a genuine interest in what you said.

What I would tell any future Footie, is not to panic about putting together your presentation. At the end of the day, it’s in a safe environment which the audience just want to see you at your best. They aren’t there to criticise you, they are there to help you on your journey and bring the best out of you.