The Media launch ‘n’ Stuff

So today was the big day for all of the shows on the festival.

Today was the day that all of the promotional trailers were rolled out on the red carpet.

It was a gloriously sunny day and with that came a great atmosphere in the foyer of Manchester comedy club. The hustle and bustle of all the shows and their respective writers and directors made for a diverse mix of talent and conversation.

Once the alcohol had been flowing the conversation soon hit an all time high and it was like being stood at the premier of a new Hollywood block buster. Everyone then made their way down to the stage where so many of the comedy legends in today’s circuit have performed to begin the grand opening of the festival.

After all the light entertainment and formal talk, it was time too see everyone’s work. I was sat there with my heart pounding in my chest. Being in a room with such important and influential people in the Manchester fringe scene will do that to a performer and I was not even performing!

The moment of truth came for the “stuff” trailer came on and to my personal relief the crowd laughed several times at the piece of work.


Soon after all I remember is going home slightly tipsy and full of glee.

Time to crack on with the show and sort stuff out!

Over and out!

Christian   – July 2014