Foot In The Door 2014 – Kicking off

21 participants set out to have a two week training session with Proper Job Theatre company with the prospect of receiving a placement in either the 24:7 Theatre Festival or Panda. I came onto the scheme extremely late, as luckily some places became available last minute. I applied and was interviewed over the phone just two days before the training started and could not believe my luck.

Prior to starting the training my understanding was that we would be learning networking techniques and how to present yourself within a professional environment. However, the training turned out to be so much more than that. Not only did I learn valuable techniques for communication and team work, but also how to be a better colleague and person day to day. We learnt these techniques through enjoyable and interactive exercises with amazing demonstrations and skits from Rick, Meg, Craig and Linda from Proper Job. The information was presented to us in such a understandable way that it was easy to digest and take on board.

As a group we had awesome cohesion, which I found particularly inspiring as I don’t think I had ever been involved in group work before where theres been no competitive edge between one another. We all became great friends and I hope to work with everyone again in the future.

At the moment I am at the beginning of my placement on Gareth George’s Anonymity. Producer’s day was extremely interesting and I already feel I learnt and gained lots just from that first day! I love the script and i’m incredibly excited to be working on it.

Monica Sagar – April 2014