My week filming 24:7 Theatre Festival

What a fantastic week it has been filming this years 24:7 Theatre Festival. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with the brilliant Darren Hutchinson (Dreamscope TV); I also had the opportunity to see all 10 different plays, rehearsed readings of works in progress, fantastic one off events and an excellent poetry/rap/spoken word/ performance slam (thanks to the wonderful Harry Jelly). As the week draws to a close its difficult to reflect on all the things I have learnt, although there has been many, and so I’d like to take this opportunity instead to reflect on, some of, my personal highlights of this years festival.

The week was off to a great start with our fist play to film being this year’s family friendly show Tongue Twister by Luke Walker. After seeing an impressive animated trailer at the Media Launch, created by animation student Jennifer Ferentiuk, I was already looking forward to this years children’s show and safe to say it did not disappoint. With almost the entire play completely in rhyme Walkers script was clever, funny and dynamic and had even the adults in fits of laughter. The set design was also a real highlight, with clever use of colour, the stage transformed from a dark and dreary world of gray to pops of red and blue as the play developed. The performances of the three lead cast members really captured a child’s sense of adventure with a true stand out performance from Josie Cerise as Jemima. The second highlight of the day came in the form of one of the many ‘Extras’ events the festival hosts, with the incredibly funny ‘5+1:The Wedding’ which, although I only got to see half of, have a feeling will go on to great things, Hot Pot Theatre/ the Douglas family may be good ‘ones to watch’!

The rest of the week saw a heartwarming yet incredibly funny offering from Jayne Marshall with Vera Dymond showing the rocky road to fame, the touching and superbly written Afterglow, which told fragments of the beginning and ending of a relationship in a very honest and moving piece by Julie Burrow and the hilarious yet poignant Stuff which made me question my own vocabulary range and had some real laugh out loud moments. In My Bed by Rebekah Harrison also told the story of the ups and downs of a modern relationship in a brilliantly written script with a truly excellent cast, demonstrating the true quality of the writers and actors 247 supports. The production company, Milk and Two Sugars, is another one I’d keep your eye on; I personally am very excited to see what they do next. Last but not least Stephen Hornby’s The Box of Trickssaw the end to a wonderful week of filming with a dramatic and emotional script and great cast that had me transfixed throughout.

Being a part of this year’s festival has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal, meet a whole range of inspiring and talented creative people and made some new friends along the way. I can only express my gratitude at being part of such a brilliant family and look forward to seeing all the great things I know people will go onto. Now on with the edits!

Sophie – July 2014