What Monica got up to this June

You know that feeling when you spend ages planning something in detail, that you’ve spent so long planning it, that actually doing it seems so far away?

My planning became a definite reality this month and the journey has been epic! Things have been incredibly busy, but i’ve been enjoying every minute of it. For Anonymity, I have been developing various profiles on many social media platforms, such as Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. I’ve had the pleasure of documenting the rehearsals by taking photos and video footage. I’ve been editing like a madman, making video teasers and multi media materials to aid my marketing campaign. Getting stuck into the marketing of Anonymity has been an incredible amount of fun and i’ve learn’t so much.

I’ve been enjoying the extra opportunities the FITD placement offered, whereby i’ve had the pleasure of attending many workshops and networking events. Networking is one of my favourite things to do, as I enjoy meeting new people and this placement has given me such a wonderful outlet to do just that.

The workshops I have attended have been so interesting and rewarding, and i’ve gained skills that I am already applying in my day to day work life.

This month i’ve learnt and experienced so many different things and it’s been awesome! I really appreciate all the opportunities i’ve been offered and i’m sinking my teeth into all of them!

Monica – July 2014