24:7 productions have always featured at Re:play

Apart from “War Stories” and “The Tongue Twister” this year, did you know that 24:7 productions have been invited into every Re:play to date? That’s 22 since 2008.

If you were involved in any of them, let everyone know on here. Many company members have won awards and other recognition. Tell us about your successes!

“Away From Home” by Martin Jameson and Rob Ward
“Billy, The Monster And ME!” by Catherine Manford and Sarah Molyneux

“All The Bens” by Ian Townsend
“My Arms” by James Leach
“Stars Are Fire” by Francesca Waite

“Future Shock” by Richard Stockwell
“The Rainbow Connection” by Joanne Sherryden
“Sherica” by Ian Winterton

“Islanders” by Dick Curran
“Make Believe” by Luke Walker and Sally Lawton

“5:30” by Alistair McDowall
“Cell” by Ailís Ní Ríain
“Exit Salford” by Ed Jones
“No Wonder” by Claire Urwin

“A Dog Called Redemption” by Matthew Landers
“Ways To Look At Fish” by Colette Kane

“Concrete Ribbons” by Lesa Dryburgh and Michael Trainor
“An Englishman’s Home” by Richard Vergette
“The Lullaby Witch” by Mark Griffiths
“Mind The Gap” by Luke Walker