Mella’s Final Blog

The last couple of weeks at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre have been extremely exciting (and a little hectic) as it has been exhibition changeover time! We said goodbye to Elizabeth Winstanley’s beautiful tactile embroidery work and catalogued, condition checked and packed away all 61 pieces. I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to help out with the changeover as it was satisfying to experience the end of one exhibition and the beginning of another.

I also wrote my 6th blog for the centre, showing photos of behind the scenes of the exhibition takedown, sneaky peaks of the pieces in the new exhibition and information on future events for the public to get involved in. I was thrilled when I looked at the blog’s stats and saw how many people the blog has reached, it really exceeded my expectations.

The opening of the new exhibition was a huge success! The centre was packed and buzzing with activity and enthusiasm for the new exhibition, Makers Dozen Collaborate. On the following saturday we also held a badge making workshop to encourage families and children to interact with the exhibition. It was extremely rewarding to see young children creating art inspired by the pieces in the exhibition.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity that PANDA & 24:7 gave me and although my placement with them is now coming to an end, I’m very pleased to say that I’m going to continue volunteering for the Manchester Craft and Design Centre!

Mella - July 2014