Laura – Blog 2.

The highlight of the scheme for me had to of been the speech during the two week intensive
training course. This was an extremely daunting and challenging task, however it has been one of
the most valuable things that I have actually ever done. Throughout the two week intensive training
course, we were given lots of small little speaking tasks which eventually led into us delivering a
short speech about ourselves to an invited audience. Whilst we were preparing for the speech, we
were given advice from our FITD trainee members on how to communicate and present our self
more effectively. When the speech night eventually came I was extremely proud of my self,
standing up in front of an audience is something that I have tried to avoid for a while. Hearing the
feedback after my speech gave me a real confidence boost.
Another highlight from the scheme was the ‘This is it event’ at the Manchester Central Library. This
event was ran by a variety of different people who were currently working within the creative
industry, giving out valuable tips and advice on how to freelance. I got the opportunity to talk in
person to some highly successfully individuals, inspiring me to keep on following my chosen career
path and not to give up.

Laura – August 2014