Martin Goes on NEW adventures

Hi everyone, Martin here!

I’m writing to let you all know some very exciting news! I will be going on another adventure to Manchester Museum this October!!! Im so very excited to go and explore the Living World’s and Nature Discovery exhibitions again because I had so much fun with you all last time.
So far this week there has been lots to do in preparation for the first performance which is Saturday 10th October and that is part of Manchester Museum’s monthly autism friendly event which is mega exciting because there will be so many new people to meet. I’ve tried to help the Scallywags by making some lovely origami butterflies to give to everybody who comes to visit us at the museum.

I think they’re pretty good considering I’ve never done them before!
I have also been helping our Artistic Director Ciara and the rest of the Scallywags to send lots of emails about all sorts of fun stuff like craft activities, rehearsals, and programs. (I don’t get to have my photo on the program which I was upset about at first but then the Scallywags reminded me that I am the star of the show so I should stop complaining).

After all the emails had been sent it was time for me to start preparing for my expedition. I’ve packed my backpack, which has got my compass, hat, scarves, walking boots, (I struggled to fit all 12 pairs in at first but I managed), food, Binoculars, and my map.

After I finished packing we did some expedition training and exercised to make sure we are all fully prepared.


So I am all set, all I need to do now is wait for Saturday.

Hope to see you there everyone!

Martin X