Casting “Stuff” in detail

So I am currently sat here staring at my computer screen trying to figure out how I should describe the three days of casting for this well thought out play.

Firstly I must state that having over 280 applicants for a three person fringe show is without a doubt impressive and the final selections far from disappointed.

I asked the director (Greg Scott) and the writer (Mick Cooper) if it was ok for me to tag along and see how the casting was done from the other side of the table. I must say that it was quite a relief to be in the seat of a casting agent and not the performer on the other side.

Now for when it came to the reading and auditioning of potential cast members we were spoilt for choice, each and every performer who came through the door had great energy and technique which made for very fun readings. I personally loved how much the energy would fluctuate in a reading and the fact that I read the script well over 50 times and didn’t get bored told me there was something special here!

When it came to finally selecting the performers we where in a pickle! I could definitely appreciate the job of a casting director a lot more after this experience but finally we chose the lovely and very talented Danny Rider, Eve Burley and Karl Greenwood.

I look forward to seeing how they bring the story alive and what the characters turn out to be and so should you people!

I now have experience that will help me in further auditions and couldn’t be more thankful to the team of “Stuff” and the 24:7 theatre festival for the opportunity to be part of such a great production.

Over and out!

Christian – June 2014