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Jenny – Looking Back

What a weekend!

“The Butterfly’s Adventure” went down a treat. It was great to see so many people engaging with Martin and the other characters; even those who didn’t sign up tagged along with the promenade, and were more than welcome! As expected, there were a few site-specific staging challenges on the day, but nothing the Scallywags couldn’t handle. Three shows later, we were tired out, but very pleased with what we’d accomplished. The feedback received from children of all ages and sizes(!) was very encouraging; it was great to hear that they enjoyed the production as much as we did!

It was a delight to watch the other productions, too. The variety and quality achieved by a relatively down-sized festival was inspiring. I was very pleased to see the other Footies and their achievements. I especially enjoyed catching up with everyone at the Evaluation meeting, and sharing in the successes and challenges faced since we embarked on our placements. People had clearly incorporated the skills they picked up through workshops, and gained further understanding throughout the course of their placements.

Now the dust has settled (or rather, glitter!), it’s good to take time to reflect on the placement, as we learned to do during training. I had a great time working with Scallywags, particularly as they were so encouraging and open to my creative ideas. There was ample opportunity for me to incorporate and develop the skills I learned through the supplementary workshops, particularly in terms of marketing and producing. I have continued to use these skills in promoting my other projects.

Over the course of this placement, I have met some interesting, inspirational and encouraging people, who have shared, challenged, and confirmed my own views of the industry. I have learned how to be more receptive and open myself to others, and to do so confidently and conscientiously. Most importantly, my enthusiasm as a person and a practitioner has been welcomed and encouraged by other professionals as I have gained new practical skills, fortifying my belief that I am in an industry and a community that I can flourish in.

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