To Russia with a Hawaiian Shirt – David is a #247erAbroad

Our illustrious leader David Slack, now with TWO fully working knees, is off to Russia this weekend (Fri 20th – Mon 23rd June), to take part in the Calvert Forum in Voronezh.
The Calvert Forum “undertakes research and organises events designed to understand and address the challenges of developing a thriving creative economy.”
The event links Voronezh with Manchester and brings together an international group of speakers from Manchester, London, Moscow and Voronezh to discuss the growth of Manchester’s creative industries and explore the potential lessons for the future development of Voronezh.
As an “international speaker” David says, “This participation provides an opportunity to help establish Manchester’s credentials as a benchmark for creative development as well as for 24:7 to get to know more people outside of England.”
Have a great time, Mr Slack, and we look forward to the next festival having strong links with Russia!
Full details including a full list of speakers and a breakdown of the forum HERE