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Naomi – Rehearsals for Gary

As the rehearsal period draws to a close, we say goodbye to our little purple rehearsal room in Salford where we have spent 8 hours a day for the last 2 weeks.

I can’t help thinking about the first day, the nervous excitement which we all had and the ridiculous time we spent getting lost in the maze that is Salford University (we have mastered it now) while we hunted for endless supplies of coffee and twirl bars.


Packing up the boxes, sad to leave the rehearsal period.

So technically after tonight that’s it for the director, of course Danielle will stay and watch the performances but her job is done and therefore (not including a quick relocation to Liverpool for one night only on Thursday) so is mine.

It’s over to the actors now to perform their little socks off and deliver a cracking performance – which we have no doubt they will do! It’s always a bitter, sweet time in the process as we finally reach the point we have been working towards for the last 3 weeks. Of course we are excited to put our hard work in front of an audience, however as the performance opens its hard not to feel a bit sad that it’s the end of the process.

So I have babbled on for a long time, actually saying very little – that’s what sleep deprivation does to you! So I though I would leave you with a few of the things I have learnt during this rehearsal period:

2006 Wigan Athletic Football players and The Bill can cause endless conversations, not everyone knows what pacman is (looking at you Danielle) you can get practically anything from eBay, the M62 is the worst road in the UK, it is possible to survive on a diet solely consisting of Twirl bars and coke (James is the evidence) and porn magazines are really expensive (don’t ask!)


Tech Rehearsal