Tabitha Blog Three – The Festival Weekend.

I was very excited to see the plays that the other Foot In The Door interns have been involved in. On the Sunday, I went to see ‘Distant Sounds’ (Written by Joyce Branagh and Tasnim Hussein), Gary: A Love Story (Written by James Harker) and We Are The Multitude (Written by Laura Harper). All three plays I thoroughly enjoyed. In the past, I have seen rehearsed readings where the actors only looked at their scripts and didn’t act at all which isolates the audience completely. Distant Sounds was the complete opposite of this; the two actresses completely inhabited their characters and managed to interact with the audience. The way that the set was used in Gary: A Love Story was really clever but also simple. Also, the relationship between the two siblings was truly authentic and at times heartbreaking. We are the multitude impressed me with the way in which the two actors could maintain portraying comical characters who also had a lot of emotional depth.  Attending the weekend reminded me how small the industry actually is. Attending the same shows as me were two of my ex tutors from University, a vast majority of actors I have worked with before (including a nice surprise of one of them being in Distant Sounds), one of my workshop leaders, a director i’ve worked with before and one I’m currently working with. This enforced my view that you need to build good working relationships with directors/actors/assistants/everyone you can as literally everyone does know everyone! I am very proud of my fellow Footies and the work they have managed to create – it seems a long time ago now that we were sat in a circle in Withington fire station eagerly awaiting details of our placements!