I have been fortunate enough to be given a bit of creative responsibility for the show I have been working on – Rebekah Harrison’s ‘In My Bed’. The play is set in the main character’s bedroom and the set needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional !

My writer and director have given me loose guidelines and have let me go off in my design bubble and come back with ideas for the set design.  Coming from an art background I knew the flats where a shade of grey so put forward to the group that as we had a black bedframe how about we go with a monochrome colour pallet, as it would be true to our character’s taste, but also would give the look of the production a really polished feel. This was received well so I went back into Manchester to find fabric swatches and paint.

Over the next few weeks things were spray painted, distressed and sewed and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it (apart from the day I had to take a chest of draws up and down 6 flights of stairs!) All my offerings were met with encouragement, which made my confidence grow day by day.

My time spent on the production has made me realize that my passion lies with design for theatre and now I am eagerly pursuing a career in set design.

Lucie – July 2014