Laura – Blog 3.

For me the most exciting part of the scheme was launch night, showing my work to an invited
audience was really rewarding. I had to deliver a speech, I felt however completely different to how
I felt whilst delivering the speech in the two week intensive training course. I felt a lot more
confident, I wasn’t half as nervous and I was actually enjoying doing it. This is a skill that will be
extremely valuable to me, particularly at this very moment as I am applying to jobs. It has given me
the confidence to apply for things that I would never have done so before.
The evening of the launch was lovely, everyone reunited together to celebrate the ending of the
scheme. It was also great to be around people who were on the previous media consultant schemes,
celebrating their achievements to. Having Proper Job attend was also a nice addition, before the
launch started we took part in a small activity prepared by them, this task was the same task that we
were given on the last day of the two week intensive training course, which was to represent how
we felt by using play dough. After the two week course I created the stem of a flower showing that I
was starting to grow in confidence and in the final session after the launch I created a flower that
had fully blossomed, representing the fact that my confidence was now glowing.