Tabitha Blog Two – Play day with Colour The Clouds

The one thing that I am finding the most beneficial whilst on this placement is that I am getting to experience every aspect of running a theatre company. I specifically wanted to learn about the less creative side. Especially filling in an Grants for the Arts application as it is an aspect I found very daunting. Even though all of this information I have learnt so far has been incredibly useful, I was glad to be involved in a practical play day with Colour The Clouds. They are currently rehearsing for Maggie the Song and the Sea which they have secured tour dates for over the next couple of months. As the piece has already been shared in front of an audience previous to my placement, they have already received audience feedback on the piece as it is so far. What I think is invaluable though is the feedback they have received from children! Children are their dominant target audience (and also the most honest critics), therefore it seems necessary that this is where they gain feedback and opinions.

Colour The Clouds have decided to develop their material, which includes changing aspects of what they already have. I found it interesting to learn that when you put in a funding application you have to document changes, even some of the ones I would take for granted and not consider putting down. For example, I could not just create another character in my piece without considering that I am now including another actor who needs to be paid, insured etc. I don’t believe that this stifles creativity; it just makes you think more realistically.

Creating things with a parachute was very fun! Sometimes we use props for the sake of it in performance. When I was younger, I used to create elaborate creatures from things I found around the house and gained just as much enjoyment from it. Working with Colour The Clouds is helping me to recapture and reimagine the way I stage my own work – and how to have fun with it!