Part of the 24:7 family? Come celebrate with us in July!

Have you participated in any Festival since 2004? Then we want to hear from you!

Whether you were part of a production team, worked front of house or back of house, made it work technically or in any other way, email us to be included in the list of Honourable Contributors in the Festival programme and on the website.

We’ll let you know the details of the Party and special 10-year Celebrations to be held in July. You never know, you might meet up again with someone you haven’t see for years!

Send your name, email address and the capacity and year (or years!) you were part of 24:7 to: 247er(at)247theatrefestival.co.uk

As a bit of an incentive, we’ll raffle some show tickets and drinks vouchers to those we hear from.

Hoping to hear from you now and see you then!

And pass it on!!

The 24:7 Celebration Team and Disco-Rex