Georgie S final Blog

My favourite part of watching the play I have been working on, Pass, come to life during festival week has been the audiences reactions. Every time I have sat in on the show, a dramatic changing point in the story always leads to gasps, murmurs and whispers. This point always reminds me how lovely it has been to see writer Naomi’s words on a page come to life, so much so that the audience are really engaged with the characters!

Festival week has also meant experiencing everyone else’s hard work, and catching up with the other Footie’s and their projects. Yesterday I saw Emma doing the tech for Afterglow, Harry dashing around sorting The Big Slam, Sophie doing some filming and Laura doing some documenting. Not to mention Georgie E, who I always seem to bump into at the front of the Artist Pass queue!

24:7 what a pleasure it’s been, everyone above all is having so much fun. I would love to check out (returning back to Proper Job’s phrasing) with a big round of applause for everyone’s hard work during festival week, and also a huge thank you.

Georgie S – July 2014