Foot In The Door 2014 – Checking In

Every day of the last two weeks on FITD, training has begun with Check In. Check In is an opportunity to tell the rest of the group how you are feeling. As not to break what has become a kind of tradition, I would love to check in for you now.

I am feeling excited, a little nervous, but I believe in myself. Most of all, I feel inspired! My need for community and support has been met by my LAB experience.

Proper Job’s LAB is a hugely enjoyable set of exercises, games and tasks, performed both individually and in groups. They are designed to allow a reassessment behaviour within a professional environment by building self-confidence within an incredibly supportive space. For me, the experience gave me a new sense of ambition, motivation and support, as well as immersing me within an amazing network of incredibly inspiring young people. It is such a pleasure to hear everyone checking in with such a positive attitude! I huge thank you to Ricky, Craig, Meg and Linda for allowing me to realise my potential.

Georgie Sykes – April 2014