Martin’s First Rehearsal

They made sure that I had an indoor plant so that I could rest on it and nibble on the leaves when I got hungry.Today was my first rehearsal with Scallywags Theatre Company and they made me feel really welcome.Ciara 3












We started with a big warm up and all of the Scallywags ran around the room and even though I have lots of legs, they are very little so I wasn’t as fast as everybody else. There was another exercise that everybody else found really difficult but I couldn’t understand why. They called it The Plank!

Ciara 6

We all had a go at song writing today but my handwriting isn’t very good so the Scallywags helped me to write down my ideas. We started by writing the song’s lyrics and thinking about the different characters that I will meet on my journey.We wrote lots of exciting words on bits of scrap paper and then mixed them all together and we managed to come up with a whole song. I am very proud of it! 


Ciara 2








Then my tummy started to grumble and I began munching on the pieces of paper so our Director Emma decided it was time for lunch.

Ciara 5

After I had filled my tummy it was time for the boring stuff. We spent this afternoon sending lots of emails, it really is hard work putting a show together but I know it is going to be brilliant. Today has been such hard work and I am very tired now so I going home to snuggle on my leaf for a big snooze.  

See you next week!

Martin X

Ciara 1