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Catching Up

It’s two months since I started my internship with Scallywags theatre company, and it feels a lot longer… in a good way!

My creative ideas have been encouraged and welcomed by the company, which has been great for me (and hopefully for them too!). I’ve learned and achieved a lot from being in the production process from the beginning. I’ve been a part of developing the story, writing songs, and building characters – literally, building and decorating masks and puppets!

As an assistant producer, I have been a part of drafting press releases and inviting guests to “The Butterfly’s Adventure”. What I found most interesting about this was the writing style, as we struck a balance between the professionalism and fun-loving nature of the company.

The social media strategy has been a fun challenge for me. I based it on the colourful images, and exciting captions that had worked well for the company previously. My aim was to focus the social media on Martin the caterpillar’s journey through rehearsals, to build the character voice and public interest ready for the festival. This was good fun, and encouraged me to set up and look out for some good rehearsal photo opportunities, whilst being careful not to give too much away!

 Now we’ve reached the 24:7 Theatre Festival Big Weekend. We have had our final dress rehearsal at Manchester Museum. We can’t wait to share our story and characters with everybody! Until then, I’ll look forward to seeing what the other Foot In The Door interns have been up to… :)

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