Tabitha: PANDA Training Week (the pitch!)

Over the course of the week, we started each day off with a check in. This helped us to understand how each member of the group felt in relation to the previous days training and to find out what we had been up to in the time between each session.  This was a simple but effective task which I believe helped us to bond as a group when we had only just met. On my final training day, my check in was a combination of excitement (I was technically getting to perform in the Lowry) and nerves (pitching myself to people I have never met before). However, we were prepared! Over the past week, we have realised our own goals and each others. We have also had advice on how to calm our nerves in situations that make us apprehensive.

At the end of the training week, we helped each other to realise our pitches and ‘performed’ them to each other. As I have trained as an actor, obviously I see opportunity in most situations to go into ‘actor mode’ and see a performance in everything. What this week has taught me though is that honesty really is the best policy. I believe that the group’s pitches were successful as a result of us being open and honest with each other throughout the week. Some of the exercises required us to look honestly into our pasts and see where we have possibly stopped ourselves from achieving our goals. When it came to delivering our pitches, I found that I received the best reactions when I spoke openly and as myself not as a ‘character’.

The pitch wasn’t scary at all. Our audience was encouraging and I sensed that they wanted us to be successful which made pitching to them easier. Also, my fellow footies were sat smiling at the back which instantly made me feel calmer.

I am now at the start of my placement with Colour The Clouds. As they are a children’s theatre company (and also Salford University graduates) I am very excited that I am getting to work with them. I have only worked with them for a couple of weeks and already I am learning so much. It is invaluable learning about running a theatre company, especially the side that isn’t as creative as this is the experience I need to be able to start my own.

Until the next Blog!