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Brief Encounters at Manchester 24:7 – A paper to look at the impact of science on humanity

So! A scientific papeusually begins with an abstract. Right?

ABSTRACT: Each monologue will have a maximum performance length of 5 minutes and will be performed a number of times over the Weekend. They will be delivered by the 24:7 Players – a mixed group of actors

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BACKGROUND: Manchester 24:7 Big Weekend of new theatre-making will take place in and around the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama in the University of Manchester. It will feature four main productions, a series of six monologues performed outdoors on the University campus, a family-friendly adventure in Manchester Museum and another of our exciting collaborations with Canberra’s ‘You Are Here’ festival.

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METHODS:            Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards worked in the field of reproductive health, and were especially interested in problems of human fertility. Edwards had developed a way to fertilise human eggs within the laboratory; Steptoe had perfected a method for obtaining human eggs from the ovaries. Combining these skills enabled them to produce mature eggs at the optimum time to improve chances for successful fertilisation and development.

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RESULTS:            Louise Brown born in Oldham General Hospital  28th July 1978. Steptoe and Edwards were accused of meddling with nature but IVF gave hope to women who would otherwise have remained childless,

IVgives Hope but also Despair

CONCLUSION:  Around 50,000 women go for treatment in a year, and more than five million babies in total have been born by in vitro fertilisation. But, on average, only 25% of cycles result in a live birth.

IVF has been called ‘a market in hope’

Res ipsa loquitur


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