The wrap party of the festival was a really lovely event in the 24:7 calendar, and it felt like a combination of the very best elements of both a family reunion , and the last day of school. The glimmering energy and vigour of the festival week proper had matured into true friendships, stonking dancing courtesy of many of the productions and Festival staff, and a fantastic tubby love-filled glow just like the end of Christmas day, where one commonly rewinds through the day’s surprises and presents (but stretched over weeks, if not months!)

Awards were handed out, laughter bubbled across the layered venue (New Century House), and temporary goodbyes were made late into the night.

I went along to help with tidying and post production tasks both in New Century House and the previous festival headquarters, and it was a somewhat strange but very ‘right’ way to wrap up the festival. Between moments fishing stray samosas from the potted plants, I reflected that the sheer creativity and passion of the various people involved in the festival has served as fuel for the future-the evolution of the festival is inspired subconsciously by this year’s productions and staff. The strength of this dedication will carry the mottos and intentions of the festival through into its next generation, if not reincarnation!

Robyn – August 2014