Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about the extremely vague title of this blog entry.

Firstly, what is “Stuff”? Well apart from it being a word used for a general amount of uncertain things in life or in this instance another way of saying seaman. “Stuff” is a brand new play written by Mick Cooper and directed by Gregg Scott which will be having its debut at the 10th 24:7 theatre festival in Manchester. Both very promising in their respective fields and will surely leave their mark on the Manchester theatre scene after the week-long festival.

“Stuff” is a dark-comedy that is cleverly written and easy to relate too. Being a performer myself I loved how easy it was to make the script come off the page. I have often had to read scripts that are not very well written and it is much more difficult bring them off the page and make them sound and feel authentic and with this one I must have read it during the casting week at least 60 times and it always sounded fresh. I have always said that “You can polish a turd but at the end of the day.. It’s still a turd”.

Thankfully “Stuff” is far from being said turd!

I was lucky enough to gain a placement with Mick and Gregg through the 24:7 foot in the door program which has been a great way for people such as myself and other like-minded students and graduates to expand their network and learn from industry professionals.

I look forward to seeing how this develops and what “Stuff” comes out of the rehearsal process.

Over and out!


Christian - June 2014