Laura – Blog 1.

My whole experience on FITD has been extremely valuable and exiting. I have met some lovely
people and developed lots of new skills which are proving beneficial already in the start of my job
hunt. I joined the scheme to network, build up my confidence and to explore different career paths, I
feel that I have achieved every single one of these! My placement gave me the opportunity to see
what everyone else was doing which was really exciting. I got to see Mella curate at the Manchester
Craft and Design Centre, catch up with Lowri and Tom during musical rehearsals for the ‘Lives and
Loves of Vera Dymond’ and go behind the scenes of ‘Afterglows’ script reading with Emma.
Having the opportunity to see a full on festival develop from initial ideas on paper, to then watching
them be performed in front of an audience was something I found really exciting. Festival week had
a great vibe and buzz to it, seeing everyone come together from FITD was lovely and I felt proud of
everyone who had taken part in the development of the productions.