Sam – The start of a new project

To say I was tentative about my first day at the Foot in the Door scheme would be a massive, potentially world-ending understatement.I suppose you might class me as an introvert. Certainly my biggest obstacle that plagues my life is apathy as I know that within myself I have the ability and the drive to do what I want to do, but often it’s the easier option I take, distracting me from the ultimate aim. But I digress.

My first day climbing the stone steps that made an impressive, almost ominous, echo against the walls of the Astley and Byrom House where 24:7 is based, I was nervous. Not knowing what to expect I was reserved, quiet, and perhaps even cold, to others around me. It’s often challenging to see yourself in a positive light, and you can analyse and inspect every method of coming across as a friendly, warm and open character, but sometimes you don’t have that inner confidence, especially when taking on an entirely new and potentially intimidating scenario.

I will say this now as this is my first blog post and I want to set a precedent for any future posts. The 24:7 organisers as well as the Foot In The Door interns are some of the most warm, caring and genuinely fantastic people to be around. They have a certain way of making even the most daunting tasks seem doable and the most challenging situations achievable, all with a smile and a passion that is all too rare. I won’t lie and say that every day has been perfect since joining, but it’s been as close as you can get. The two week training, the meetings, the workshops and the events are all planned superbly and delivered convincingly which makes me so incredibly glad I emailed my application those many months ago. For a self-confessed introvert and an individual with ability but perhaps a lack of direction, I couldn’t be happier to be working alongside these talented and inspiring people.